The Voice

Singing has always been a natural thing for me and I’ve always loved to sing, I guess it runs in the family, so does dancing for that matter. For some reason, the first bands I played in, singing usually was “a necessary evil” and since it was no problem to me, I never did mind the job. That’s how I became a singer (or maybe I always was).
Otis Redding was my main influence when I started to take things a bit more serious. Over the years people have compared my way of singing to artists like Steve Miller or Lowell George and as much as I hate comparisons, I understand the resemblance. But it has more to do with style and references.
I like Miller and George, but I love Snooks Eaglin, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, George Jones, Tom Waits, Hank Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Blind Willie Mctell, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash and Otis of course plus a whole world of good singers of all styles and genres.