The Kitchen Tapes

The kitchen tapes are the first attempts I do in search of an arrangment for a song before I perform them it or distributes it as a demo to fellow musicians. These little numbers are recorded on a tiny walkman I think have a charm of their own.
The music is mellow and understated, so I don’t disturb neighbours or my sleeping family. The recordings are as raw as they get, there’s seldom solos or improvisations, except maybe just so and so, cause it’s not important at this stage. Improvisations and solos come later at the gig according to my mood and the audience’s expectations and goodwill.

Troels Jensen once said that he’d wish, every once in a while, that the audience had a chance to hear how the music sounds when a performer is playing for him / herself at home in his living-room and I know just what he means. On stage, as a solo-artist, you often perform somwhat on the safe side of things, but in time you can get pretty close in bringing people into your living-room. Well, I made these recordings in my kitchen, late at night and the sound quality may not be the best, but then again it was never ment to be.

Relax and enjoy.

Come in my Kitchen (2.28MB)

Cold rain and snow (2.2 MB)

Won’t you see that my grave is kept clean (2.04 MB)

I bid you goodnight (2.03MB)

Dans Tune (1.12MB)