The CD ”Rejseår” was recorded for private reasons and never ment for public release. A direct translation of the the title would be “Travelling Years”.

It is an instrumental suite based on the many journeyes of the late Per Ulrich, one of the most interresting danish painters and sculpturers. Ulrich has lived and worked in many countries around the world and I have, in a musical way, walked in his footsteps by composing this suite. It is folk-musik from around the world, and since per Ulrich and family returned to Denmark in between their many journeyes, I have created the suite on a returning theme with variations over the scandinavian folk-tone.

My notes for the album:

Per Ulrich – Selfmade portrait
Art is probably many things. You will find it I catalouques, in museums, depots, magazines ond bankvaults. In our part of the world art is seperated from everyday life. We go to museums, to church, at concerts, dances and we read stories. Music, sance, tales and rituals was once an integrated part of life and art was a magical part of everyday life. You would find it on personal belongings, sacred tools, rhune-stones and on good-luck charms. Art was a part of life and life a part of the art. I think that Per Ulrich knew and lived by this. He has seen the art in the survivers silent protest against the meningless death in the Nazi extermintion-camps. His scrapings and prints from far-away places of the world among peoples, folks that seem somewhat strange to us, often considered primitive, demonstrates a special perception to see and show us the little things in an existance that makes life worth living.
Per Ulrich is the real deal.

After Inferno
Out Of The Mist
Another Journey
Far from the town of towns – Paris
Behind The Rain
The Snake In The Stone
Comes into The Light
In Mexico
Una polca peruana
Dressed In Moonshine
The unfinished Buddha In Bronce
To Strit