The Man

The Man, a brief resume

In the 60’s
A very young pioneer of Danish rock when rhythm & blues was called barbwire. “Section” was the name of the first band, based on the Stax & Detroit sound. The Band later changed its name to “Drugstore”, and became one of the first soul-based big bands on the Danish music scene. The band also had a cool eye in the direction of the English music-scene: GRAHAM BOND – ZOOT MONEY – GEORGIE FAME and the jazzy side of MANFRED MANN a. o. came in handy.
The “Big band Sound” later became a hip thing in Denmark. Famous singers like Peter Belli & Rock Nalle a. o. began experimenting with larger ensembles.

In the 70’s
Folk-singer based around “I Mikroskopet” – the legendary Copenhagen Folk-Club: Guthrie – Leadbelly – Mahalia Jackson – Pearl Bailey – New Orleans Jazz & Blues and the like were household names and always on phonograph at home. Folk-music was no stranger to the young man, who at an early age became familiar with the original, traditional American music and here created a basis for an extensive repertoire.

In the late 70’s
Almost out of work fronting the legendary Danish Country-Rock Band “Buffalo” at a time when this genre was considered obsolete and “bad taste”.

The Blues Boom of the 80’s
Founding “Big Mama” in 77, “Biceps” was instrumental in creating one of the most efficient and popular blues-based rock-bands of the era. The band later became a model for a number of blues rock bands. After disbanding (1984) Biceps went back too the roots and began experimenting with smaller ensembles.

Jensen went back to where he’d earlier left as a solo- performer with an extensive repertoire and as such he is still one of the most popular Danish solo-acts on festivals in the Northern hemisphere.

The release of “LIMBO STATION” marked a return to the electric band-form.

” Bluesman of the year”.

“ Easy Street” became the best reviewed album of the year and was described as a roots-release.

” Rejseår”. An instrumental suite. A musical, worldwide journey in the footsteps of the famous Danish artist and painter Per Ulrich.