Limbo Station

Børge “Biceps” Jensen: Guitars, vocal & percussion
Esben Just: Piano – organ
Claus Hansen: Bass
Lars “Mitch” Fischermann: Drums
Gry Harrit: Vocals
Painting: Bumble Bee Bob Novak
Lay out: John Ovesen
Photos: Per Houby
Børge ”Biceps” Jensen & Frank Birch
Olufsen Records
Year of release


Børge Biceps has a firm grip on the rhythm. The inspiration from English R&B rings clearly through and as a listener, fond memories of idols such as John Mayall, Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce pops up. The track “Shine On” could’ve been taken directly from a Cream album, with its long, unison passages. Pianist Esben Just (Christensen) makes a mark of his own here and there, with a jolly honky-tonk piano and a lone, awkward ragtime piece. “Easy Your Mind” has that unmistakable scent of late night bar about it, which is a priceless ingredient in blues-music. The song is written by Esben Just together with Børge Biceps. Apart from that, all songs on this album are written by Børge Biceps.
– Ras

Børge “Biceps” Jensen uses humour and style-awareness with finesse

Børge Biceps thrives well in a band-context on the album LIMBO STATION. He is an excellent slide-guitarist and here he gets, especially by the aid of drummer Lars “Mitch” Fishermann, a rhythmic foundation, that is both lively and alert. This way, tracks like “The Automobile Song”, “The Girl I Love” and the fine instrumental “Marooned” are allowed space for humour, juicy phrases and well-disposed, but flexible guitar-work. Biceps uses humour and style-awareness with finesse and on top of that, Biceps and band has a fine awareness, that blues-music is more than singing and long guitar-solos. It is also rhythm and daring hints, a sort of mental shake in the hips.
– Mark Girelli